Why should I sell my jewelry on Consignment?

Q. Why should I sell my jewelry on Consignment?

Selling your unwanted jewelry is a great way to make some extra money. Whether you are in need of some financial help or just want to clear out your jewelry box, selling your quality jewelry is always a good idea. If you are nervous about the process, choosing to consign with us at Jewelry Works will make the process smooth, safe, and easy.

Earn a Good Price

One of the biggest benefits of consigning your jewelry is the ability to get a price that you are happy with. At Jewelry Works, we know what jewelry is worth, and will work with you to sell it for a price that meets both of our expectations. We also have the customer base and trust necessary to get the price that you want for your pieces.

Sell Your Jewelry Safely

When you try to sell your jewelry on your own, you have to interact with strangers and there is a higher risk of something going wrong if you don't know what you're doing. Instead of putting your safety at risk by posting an ad online or selling to someone you don't know, take your jewelry to a consignment shop like Jewelry Works. We can safely display your pieces at our store to customers who travel through daily. You only have to work with us and don't have to interact with any customers, and your jewelry will be insured and secure.  

Enjoy Access to a Widespread Market

We work hard on marketing to customers who are looking to buy jewelry, giving you access to publicity for your items. Selling your items through a trusted consignment business such as Jewelry Works guarantees that high amounts of potential customers will see your jewelry.

What is the Process? 

To begin the process of selling your fine jewelry on consignment with us, bring it into our store.  Please note that we may need to keep the items for a short time period to do a market analysis and inspection of the jewelry to determine if it is a good fit for our store.  After this step, we will work together with you to determine a fair price as well as agree on any fees involved such as online listing, repairs, or cleaning/polishing that may need to occur.  We will sign a contract, and when the item sells and has passed it's return wait time, you will receive 60% of the profit.*

Whether you want to buy or sell jewelry, Jewelry Works is here for you.  Visit us today!

*Please note that the information on this website is meant to be educational and is subject to change without notice.