class="product_name" itemprop="name">46542 - 2 REAL REPLICA ATOCHA HOOK BRACELET

Treasure Coins

A 4mm sterling band featuring a 2 Reales Replica Atocha coin centerpiece with a hidden hook. All of our Replica coins are made from an 80lb bar of 100% silver recovered by Mel Fisher in 1986 from the wreck of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha off the coast of Key West. All gold is 14k Gold.

Available in 6.5" - 8.5" sizes

Offered in 2 variations:

  • Sterling Silver band with Atocha Silver centerpiece & 14k Gold wraps on the sides (Mixed Metal)
  • All Sterling Silver with an Atocha Silver centerpiece

Item #46198A (Mixed Metal) or 46198AB (Silver)

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